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Delivery Information

Orders may be delivered same day, next day, or next available day when we are in your area. Same day delivery is not guaranteed.


We do next day pricing, which means the oil will not be priced until the day before the delivery date. (Example: If you place an order on Monday for Friday, the delivery will not be priced until Thursday.)


Please have a shoveled path to your fill pipe. If not, your oil MAY NOT be delivered.


During the winter, our drivers are usually out after dark.  So if you have a confirmed delivery, please leave the payment out for the driver.

New Customers, Charge Accounts, and Automatic Fills.

If you are a new customer, welcome to the Holly's Oil family! We require a new customer form to be filled out and turned into one of our stations. You can get to the form by clicking on the "New Customer Form" button.


Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer ordering for an existing address, please order by clicking "Order Here".

If you are an existing customer ordering for a new address, please fill out a new customer form.


After you have completed the update form, use the link above to schedule a delivery.

Drivers can pick up all forms upon delivery.

Discounts CAN NOT be combined .